Why overly experienced hires are bad for startups

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I write a lot about what startups should not do, it's true. But while my articles have an appearance of negativity towards startup life and culture, in reality, I love startups!

They are full of excitement, hope, and endless opportunities (if you are willing to break a sweat.) I have worked for startups in the past and currently work with several startups as part of my new business, so I see the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Idea Phase all the way up to Series A and beyond.

It is my hope that by sharing all of…

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The interview process can be intense, grueling, overwhelming and downright exhaustive. You have to tweak your resume to each job, prep your best customer service voice and basically sell yourself and hope you fit the mold.

It may seem that you are at the mercy of an employer/interviewer but I promise you that is not the case. As an EA/PA you hold the power to choose who you take on as you truly are the saving grace for any company/Entrepreneur. …

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Starting any company is no easy feat. It’s tons of work and in reality no handbook on earth can prepare you for the sheer amount of detail and time it takes to get off the ground and running, and I’m not talking about the LLC filings or taxes or your business plan either. I’m talking about the minute details that could make or break you as a company, even if you raise millions of dollars.

With all of the resources available online these days I really find it surprising how many companies fail to see the importance of the points…

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Just because Bill Gates invests in your business, doesn't guarantee your success. Getting the money is the easy part, but after that it takes mountains of work to back up your pitch and even more restraint when you see 7+ figures in your bank account.

These are the biggest lessons I learned while running the operations of a Silicon Valley startup.

1. Using Investor Money for Personal Expenses

This is a loan and does not belong to you or even your company. Until you have a product that has gone to market and is making money that is 100% profit…

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Losing your job and/or looking for one during a pandemic is stressful at best. Just like millions of other people, I was on the hunt for work while I was working to get my company off the ground.

It was exhaustive and overwhelming and what made it worse was that most companies never even gave me a response. It sucked.

One of my favorite job boards, Indeed, did streamline the process so applying wasn’t as tedious as the rest but it still came with a lot of cons that heavily outweighed the pros.

1.Taking the Tests are a Waste of…

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I remember when I got a job at a global firm a few years ago and was overwhelmed by the perks that came with the job: weekly onsite massage, private bistro with customizable healthy, delicious and freshly prepared ingredients by top chefs, endless high end swag, gym stipends, endless free career classes and trainings, massive monthly themed parties, huge team outings, weekly happy hours, the list goes on and on.

I was floored and bragged about it to anyone who would listen. I could not believe this was my real life!

To me this was the coolest thing on earth…

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I read a lot of articles about what skills a good EA should have, and honestly, they are all right! There are so many skills that an EA should have in their toolbox that it can be overwhelming at times for anyone who is either new to the field, trying to break into the industry and even veterans looking to up their game.

Unfortunately, most of these skills cannot be learned until you are right in the middle of a major task thrown your way with a ridiculous deadline given to you by your executive.

In all my years of…

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Have you ever looked up at the night sky and what you saw made you take a second glance. Billions and billions of stars twinkling back at you, with millions of other galaxies and planets unseen by the naked eye, light years away. It’s humbling to realize just how small you are in regards to the giant vastness of the universe surrounding us.

I have always found so much peace in the darkness. The world around me has shut down, the chatter is gone and I can finally breathe. …

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I had always been told by my mom growing up that you're just a number to your company. Just get the job done. You're replaceable. If you want to stir up drama they'll have you replaced before you're even fired.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe people got away with being bullies or stealing ideas in the workforce. I never understood why she always stood back and allowed certain things in the workplace to go unreported but would come home and vent for hours about. Someone has to care right!?

It boggled my mind. How could adults be so obtuse…

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I am currently 28 years old. I work out every day, I play lacrosse, I eat clean and I lead an overall healthy life. I make time to enjoy myself, I make sure to enforce my professional boundaries to give myself time to not only reflect but decompress. (Not an easy task but I list my tricks down below)

When I was younger I took my health even more serious. I was in the best shape of my life, eating right, working out twice a day and while this is all great on paper, mentally and physically I was not…

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